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Saturday, November 21, 2015

November 2015 - CDs for sale again

I haven't posted since August 2014 so this is a brief update. Arthritis, chronic tendonitis and a bunch of other health concerns are making playing very difficult to do. But it's the continuing money problems that are totally preventing me from recording right now.

I re-installed Windows Vista and now my ancient recording devices are obsolete. Musicians need something to get the sound from guitars, microphones, etc. into the's called a usb audio interface, or external soundcard that replaces Windows soundcard. It enables you to record multiple tracks with 2 inputs for instruments/microphones, it has 'phantom power' which is needed for condenser microphones. And it is low-latency...meaning that there is a lag between tracks as it gets transferred from your instrument to the computer but this fixes that.

November 2015 UpdateSo I absolutely need another one in order to continue making music...but it costs $200. So I'm once more asking for donations from anybody who can afford it and would like me to keep on recording. I have one cd that contains songs from all my genres, one just for blues and one just for soothing guitar instrumentals. The covers and song lists are below and I see that I priced them really low...postage has really gone up. But I make them one at a time so I could make one just for you with the songs you like...and all prices are negotiable. And a reminder...these songs are homemade as I have been teaching myself how to record. There are some finger-flubs and forgotten lyrics and some may be recorded in mono...but the message still gets through, lol. If you can help in any manner I would be very grateful.

There is a Paypal button here, and my address if you want to mail whatever money you think my music is worth. Music is the only thing keeping me going...and your support is the only thing keeping me playing music. I spent decades playing for myself or a few people once in a while. My musical mission now is to get all of the music inside me recorded and into cyber-space before I die so that it will last as long as the internet does. I'm happy to have about 100 songs online now so if I die tomorrow I will feel like I left behind a legacy...but I want a larger and better one, and need your help to achieve it. Thank you for your support & I hope you enjoy my tunes.

Please feel free to email me. My email address is the same as my Paypal address:

#316-918 Collinson St
Victoria BC Canada
V8V 2B5

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I have a homemade cd available for each of my Reverbnation music sites...Soothing Fingers, Blue Fingers & a self-titled cd which is a mix of all my songs including those from my Victoria Folk page.

I should remind you that these aren't studio-made cds....I make them in my apartment with limited recording gear and knowledge. So there is usually a finger-flub or forgotten lyrics in them, lol.

My main purpose in recording has been to leave my musical legacy behind because I don't have anything else to leave besides a life-time in music. So I've been getting as many songs as possible recorded, but I don't have the technical expertise to do much mastering, etc. so they are mostly 'rough' first-time's frustrating enough just to get a whole song recorded and I don't have the patience to make them perfect. It will come with time, and if I meet people who can give me some advice.

In the meantime I have to sell my cds to supplement my inadequate disability income. One of my disabilities is arthrits and it's in my fingers now so I'm running out of time. .I'm finding it difficult pricing my cds. I make them here in my apartment from start to finish and have to consider postage, exchange rates, printer ink/paper etc., but postage is the big problem.

If I had boxes of them sitting in my garage I could sell them for $10 and treat it like profit. But it's almost $7 to mail to Europe and I don't think that $3 gross profit is enough. I'm selling my cds so that my music can last forever, but also for daily living expenses.

Another problem is that Paypal demands that I have $15 US plus their fee in my account before I can transfer it to my bank. Another one is the exchange rate. Right now the Canadian dollar is only worth 88 US cents. I received $15 from someone once but it sat there for weeks until somebody else put me over the minimum. And I received 10 Euros from someone else but my bank charged me $5 to cash it because they don't stock Euros.

So, here are some ideas on Prices:

Via Paypal :

One cd to Europe/Asia via Paypal - $15.50 Cdn
Two two cds to Europe via Paypal - $20
All three cds to Europe - $25

Via surface mail cheque or money order to the address below

One cd to Europe/Asia - $12 Cdn
             to US      - $10
Two cds to Europe - $18
               to US -  $15
All three cds to Europe - $22
                      to US  - $20

Please feel free to send more if you want to, lol.

This is my Paypal address

There is a Paypal Donate button here on this page to make it easier. 

You are also welcome to mail payment to me...

Ian McMillan  (leave the Fingers out, lol)
#117-215 Oswego St.
Victoria BC Canada
V6V 2B5

Some generous friends have already used it, some more than once. So I figure it can't hurt to try again now that I know I have more fans in Europe. I have great fans in Germany, The Netherlands, England, Ireland, Spain & France.

And all prices are negotiable. I'm thrilled that people are interested enough in my music and me that they would spend a few bucks to have a physical cd for their home stereo so I don't mind dickering if needed.

And remember, all of my songs on my 3 Reverbnation pages are free to download!  I'm thankful to anyone who likes my songs enough to is an honour. You only need to spend money to get a physical cd and/or to give me your moral & financial support for my musical goals.

Thanks to everybody for reading this and listening to my tunes and giving them a chance to live long after I'm gone!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Please Help A Starving Musician

I'm not your typical starving musician, I'm 62 years old. But I was also a starving musician 40 years ago, and here I am again. Never saw that coming, lol. In between I stopped trying to make money from music and found other ways to make a living whle still hanging on to my 60s anti-corporate idealism.

I worked for myself first as a freelance photographer then I had a couple of decades of entrepreneurial sales...usually as an independent contractor & for straight commission. Sadly, I didn't have the huge success that I thought I would have...shoulda climbed the corporate ladder.

Just least I tried to find that perfect venture that would make me wealthy & happy without sitting behind a desk for thirty years then having a stroke that makes me a vegetable like my father ended up. But my body started getting all the typical middle-age problems like arthritis, diabetes, blood pressure, sleep apnea, lung disease, before I got rich and successful... I wasn't finished yet. Damn.

And a big problem is that I never had a pension, investements, savings, etc. so when my doctor told me to stop working my income stopped. I maxed out all my credit cards then had to go on government disability. My CPP (Canada Pension Plan) and BC PWD disability income total $10,925/year. This year and every year...CPP goes up twenty bucks, BC puts it in their pocket and gives me the same as before. I've lost twenty pounds from the weight that I like to be...poverty is making me sicker faster.

When I had to stop working I decided to finally do something with my music before I died. I have no family (long story) so when I'm gone there's nothing of me left behind. So I've been teaching myself how to record with a computer here in my bachelor apartment in Victoria BC so that my music can live forever after I'm gone. I can say now that I've achieved that goal, and met a lot of great people along the way. And I've had about twenty people from 3 continents buy my homemade cd for between $10 and $100 which has been a great help in my fight for basic survival.

So if you enjoy my music you are free to download any song that you want through the player here, and I will thank you for that great compliment. Or you can send me whatever you think my music is worth and I will make you a homemade cd and mail it to you.  I'm asking for a minimum of $15 per cd, plus $5 shipping to North America and $10 overseas. Or get all 3 for $30 plus shipping. And if you're using Paypal it's a minimum of $16.50 before I can get it.

ALL FINGERS - all of my songs...folk, jazz, blues, rock, easy listening plus all blues and soothing tunes. There's about 60 songs. I could make a cd with only a dozen songs, but this isn't professionally recorded in a studio by people who know what they're doing, professionally designed or even shrink-wrapped. I flub a few notes and forget some of my own lyrics sometimes so many are not perfect, but I'm including them all too because they are a part of me and the mission I've been on to leave behind my it won't just vanish like tears in the rain.

SOOTHING FINGERS - 20 of my relaxing, mostly instrumental acoustic fingerstyle guitar.

BLUE FINGERS - 20 of my blues.

You can use the Paypal button on this page, or use my Paypal address which is:

Send money order or well-disguised cash ( which most people have been doing, surprisingly).

 Ian McMillan
#117-215 Oswego St.
Victoria BC Canada
V8V 2B5

Thanks for listening!    

Friday, April 12, 2013

Download All My Songs For Free

Download all my songs for free…that’s right, free my friends! Donations are welcome but not necessary.

I haven't sold my songs at the popular places like CD Baby or iTunes because for one thing, I have to pay them to sell them. For another, I haven't felt that my songs were studio-quality recordings because I've been teaching myself how to do everything at home in my apartment with inadequate gear and knowledge and they're not perfect...yet

So because they aren't perfect I've been giving them away and I felt grateful to anyone who wanted to download them and listen. And once again I"m making it easier to download 66 of my songs for free in two separate zip files, instead of downloading them through the Reverbnation player one at a time. And once again I'm letting people know that I do accept any money that they want to give me through the Paypal Donation button that you see on this page. If you enjoy my music it would be very much appreciated if you decided to pay five, ten, twenty or a hundred bucks for it. I had a pretty good response doing it this way last year and I thank my friends who sent money. I found that 6% of people who downloaded the zips wanted to pay for them...which in many direct sales jobs I've had is a pretty good rate.

In case you don't know, I've been on disability for things like arthritis for over six years...I absolutely hate depending on the government for basic survival. The only option I can come up with is to make some money from music, so I'm going to start promoting my imperfect songs a bit more and see what happens. Here is the first zip file…it’s my songs alphabetically A to L and it’s 94mb. M to Z is 87mb. The link will take you to Hotfile where you have to wait for maybe 15 seconds before clicking the download button. It’s perfectly safe, don’t worry. Unzip them from the location that you saved them in and you will have a bunch of mp3 files.

Guitars, vocals
All songs written by Ian Fingers McMillan unless otherwise noted © Ian Fingers McMillan 2013

16 Tons
Aint Misbehaving
All These Years -sung by Ben Kitchens -written by Mac McAnally
Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves – Two Guitars
Baby Ive Been Out Of Touch
Before I Go
C Picking
Chumpman Blues – Blind Blake
Cocaine – Blind Blake
Dark Days
I Cant Call No-One Darling Anymore
Deep Inside A Memory
Dreaming Blues
Drifters Wife – J.J. Cale
Early This Morning – Blind Blake
Goodbye My Lover 1974 -with Don Lougheed
Googling Ragtime Blues
Guitar Man – Jerry Reed
Happy Fingers Samba
Honeybabe Blues
I Don’t Need No More Worry
Impromptu In C
Joes Jazz
Kind Hearted Woman -Robert Johnson
Linda Just Loves To Dance
Long Long Time Ago
Love Boat
 Loving Arms – Kris Kristofferson

More Often Than Not -Jerry Jeff Walker
My Old Friend The Blues -Steve Earle
Nobody Knows You – acoustic
Nobody Knows You – electric
Nothing You Cant Do
Ocean Song
On An August Afternoon
Police Dog Blues – Blind Blake
She’s No Good – Bob Dylan
Sliding Delta
Softly – Gord Lightfoot
 Some Days
Spanish Lament
Sporting Life Blues -Sonny Terry/Brownie McGhee
Thank You Baby
That’s Alright
The Night Whispers -lyrics by Pete Rivers
The Slightest Indication
These Days -Jackson Browne
Tv Theme Song
Very Far Away
West Winds -lyrics by Glenn Bowie
Whole Lotta Dough

61 songs 188mb

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Here's my latest song all by can just click the arrow on the player to download it. You can download all of my songs individually if you want the same way.

Monday, July 16, 2012


That's what I made busking today...a big zero in an hour and a half.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Notes On Busking

Well I just got back from busking for the first time since the seventies. Now that I've done it I have a bit more confidence so if I can work out some problems maybe I can supplement my pension a bit over the summer & be able to enjoy life a bit more before I go.

Here's the money numbers. I was there for about 1.5 hours and I made $4.50. When I add my life savings to that I now have $5.05.  So I will be able to keep my appointment at the hospital because I now have enough money for parking. I should have just enough gas to get there & back so there's one problem solved. I still don't have enough money for a loaf of bread, eggs or milk though and nobody has thrown a dime into my online busker hat and it's still eight days until my next pension cheque. But eight days @$4.50 would be better than nothing.

I played for about forty-five minutes in front of the liquor store before one guy gave me @1.50. Then another guy asked me about my cd but he only had $2.50 in change...I gave it to him anyway. Beggars can't be choosers. So now I've sold my first cd.'s a day to remember. Then another guy gave me a buck.

There are some concerns though. The traffic noise drowns me out unless you're close. It's not steady noise & there's some 10-20 second gaps where my guitar can be heard and it sounds great. I had bought Vintage Bronze Dean Markley 11-50 strings by mistake but that worked out well because they're much brighter & louder than I usually like. I used my Ovation Balladeer that I've had since 1974 because it's more sturdy than my fragile Martin. It has a deep bowl & a great piece of wood for the top that make it the best sound of any Ovation I've heard or played...and it's good for this gig.

I had to stop playing because I had to take a pee, my bony butt was killing me sitting on a metal bench but I could at least lean back and rest my back sometimes, and the vehicle exhaust was really getting to me. I've been in the first stage of lung disease for five years but I've only noticed it recently when I run out of breath while I'm singing. It scares the hell out of me. And in fifteen years here I have always loved breathing the fresh ocean air & I have never thought that exhaust from vehicles was too bad...but I've usually been sitting on my patio or by the ocean & never a few feet from the street like today. It's definitely going to be a problem.

The arthritis in my thumbs really started to hurt too, but not as much as my left forearm that I've had chronic tendinitis in for a few years. I never play for an hour and a half steady anywhere these days...I'm worried that I've caused a real flare-up. Luckily I still have some Voltaren anti-inflammatory cream samples that my doctor gave me.

I didn't sing too much...I was nervous. I'm not nervous at all playing guitar. I had thought of a bunch of songs to play but then I realized that since people were walking by it didn't matter if I played the same song over and over. So I played Autumn Leaves, Misty, Blackbird & Kind-Hearted Woman as well as Stairway To Heaven & the music to I Lost My Gal To Jesus, but I didn't sing. It sounds pretty good, if I do say so myself. Tons better than the guy who only plays one slide guitar song. There's really only one slide guitar song tune it to open E and play E A & B with whatever lyrics you feel like singing. It's not rocket science and you can learn the basics in an afternoon.

So it was a good experience over all. I'll have to see how my arm, thumbs & lungs feel tomorrow...but I'm really hungry for something more than canned beans & tuna without mayo so unless somebody online donates some dough I'll have to get out there again soon.